2022 USA Wheelchair RLWC Squad

Story by USA WhRL Hawks Team Manager: Juan Jasso

Team Assembled to Win the RLWC

The USA Wheelchair Rugby League (USA WhRL) National Team for 2022 has been selected. The postponement of the Rugby League World Cup (RLWC2021) gave the USA Team more time to prepare and train for the tournament.

The USA squad in that extra time has found new players from all over the country who are keen to play the game. Recently the General Manager and Founder were at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games in Tempe, AZ., as exhibitors. They were able to introduce the game of Wheelchair Rugby League to hundreds of new potential athletes and veterans’ association involved with providing adaptive sports.

The Wheelchair version of Rugby League is growing in the US and is set for a run at the RLWC. Head Coach Geoff Mason is excited at the unranked team’s chances at the tournament. There is only 3 months now before the team flies out to the United Kingdom on October 30th, 2022 for the RLWC and the excitement in the camp is growing.

Here is your 2022 USA Wheelchair Rugby League Squad for the RLWC:

  1. Jeff Townsend (Captain) | Born: Jan 30th 1979 | Hometown: Anderson, SC

  2. Jesse Lind (Vice-Captain) | Born: Aug 22nd 1980 | Hometown: Jamestown, NY | Resides: Little River, SC | Veteran: Marines

  3. Mackenzie Johnson | Born: May 8th 1997 | Hometown: Greenville, SC | Resides: Charlotte, NC

  4. Micah Stewart | Born: Jan 14th 1997 | Hometown: Charlotte, NC

  5. William Johnstone | Born: Nov 25th 1968 | Hometown: Canajoharie, NY | Resides: Hope Mills, NC

  6. LaVern Anderson | Born: Nov 4th 1970 | Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC | Veteran: Army

  7. Freddie Smith | Born: June 16th 1972 | Hometown: Wilmington, NC | Resides: Leland, NC | Veteran: Army

  8. Hyoshin (Gabi) Cha | Born: Feb 12th 1986 | Hometown: Jonesboro, GA | Resides: Houston, TX | Veteran: Army

  9. Andy Kingsley | Born: Feb 26th 1990 | Hometown: Athol, MA | Resides: Myrtle Beach, SC | Veteran: Army

  10. Matthew Wooloff (UK/USA Heritage) | Born: Dec 5th 1993 | Hometown: Ormskirk, Lancashire | Resides: Newport, Wales

  11. Jabrier Lee | Born: Sept 12th 1992 | Hometown: Whiteville, SC | Resides: Loris, SC | Veteran: Air Force

  12. Jensen Blaine | Born: May 31st 2006 | Hometown: Fayetteville, NC


  • Tony LeBoutillier | Born: July 15th 1984 | Hometown: Westbrook, MN | Resides: Columbia, SC

  • Justin Mathers | Born: April 19th 1992 | Hometown: Dallas, Texas | Resides: Fayetteville, NC | Veteran: Army


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