Rugby League World Cup 2021 - England

USA Hawks WhRL Team

The USA Team has been formally accepted as a participant at the 2021 Rugby League World Cup - England UK as a participant in the Wheelchair Rugby League (WhRL) division. It joins 7 other nations - France, Norway, Scotland, Australia, Spain, England and Wales to compete in the World Cup alongside the men's and women's divisions.

RLWC2021 - Wheelchair RL

The Rugby League World Cup 2021 is a highly prestigious event and will be broadcasted worldwide on all media platforms. As a potential USA Wheelchair Rugby League player, we wanted to provide you with information concerning our participation. Sheffield, England will be the home base for the USA Hawks Wheelchair RL Team at the RLWC 2021!


  • The World Cup will be played in England in October/November 2021.
  • The USA team will consist of an official squad of ten players together with 6 staff, including coaches, manager, wheelchair mechanic and physical therapist.
  • The team can consist of male and female disabled players and standing players (in wheelchairs)
  • Airfares, accommodation, transfers and living expenses will be paid for by the World Cup Committee and players will be given a per diem and  salary for the duration of the World Cup.
  • Player kits, jerseys and training gear will be supplied
  • It will be essential as we move forward with selections for the team that all players and staff MUST HAVE a valid US passport for the time overseas. Given delays in processing, early attention will be necessary as you will NOT be selected if you do not have one.

Training and Preparation

Beginning in January 2021, training and coaching of interested players  will begin in Columbia, South Carolina, initially on a monthly basis but ramping up as we get closer to the World Cup and the team selection is narrowed down. A training plan will be developed shortly which will include learning the game, rules of the game and physical conditioning. Wheelchair Rugby League is not wheelchair rugby, or what was commonly called “Murderball”. It is an entirely different game but a game that can be quickly learned. 

What USA Wheelchair Rugby League Requires of YOU

  • A Willingness to Learn
  • Strong Commitment to Training and Learning
  • Physical Fitness - the game requires high levels
  • Mental & Physical Toughness
  • Attendance at ALL Training Sessions

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